Watch Moones Perform Their Song “Better Energy” Wasted Over 80 Beers

July 2, 2013 No comments yet

Rock bands have been known for their penchant to party hard. Moves like Jagger? He was moving like that because he was wasted all of the time. Moones, a band from the UK decided to not just get drunk, but have 80 beers between five people and play their single “Better Energy.” That’s 16 beers a person. In the choose your own adventure styled video you can watch the deterioration of the bands skill unfold before your eyes. Thankfully, you don’t have to watch the entire thing unfold—which sounds like it could be a Guantanamo Bay torture technique— and can skip to any part you please. The best parts are the Mormon sober beginning and the hilarious 21st birthday drunk ending.

Hell, even completely wasted off their ass thanks to 80 beers, these guys are 80 times better than most bands that play the house shows at hipster parties.

Check out the bands latest EP Better Than Ice Cream

Source: Esquire