Watch: Hey Marseilles – “Bright Stars Burning”

February 7, 2013 No comments yet


Anyone who knows my taste in music knows there are two things I am a sucker for: horns and strings. In any musical genre, if I hear a trumpet or a violin, I’m sold. Seattle’s Hey Marseilles employs these instruments as a sweetener to the pot that’s already some of the nicest indie folk you’ll find. Their latest offering, “Bright Stars Burning”, is nearly devoid of my two favorites, but it’s still a damn catchy tune.

On the low, I’ve been looking forward to posting this group on MJF for a while, but I hadn’t heard any new music from them. I saw them in concert in Pittsburgh a few months back, and they blew the headlining act out of the water. Their second album, Lines We Trace, is set to release on March 5th, and from the looks of this song and their first single, “Elegy”, it’s going to be another solid release. Make sure to check it out.