Video: Klyne – “Paralyzed”

June 23, 2015 No comments yet

TRY NOT TO BE RELENTING Netherlands duo Klyne caught the attention of the blogosphere earlier this year with the release of their debut single “Paralyzed.”Warm-coated production courtesy of Ferdous Dehzad provide ample coverage for singer Nick Klein to wrap around his deep-crooning vocals as it all ebbs and flows into a deep-seated groove. The result is an emotionally charged shock of lo-fi electronica. […]

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Video: Sizzy Rocket – “Bestie”

June 7, 2015 No comments yet

LET’S GET WILD Back in February of last year, Sizzy Rocket had me at her genre-assaulting brand of pop in “I Wanna Rob” with her more recent remake Beastie Boys’ “Girls” and feature on Flosstradamus’ single “Don’t Trip“ with Run The Jewels reverberating her ability pack an unapologetic punch of pop. Most recently, Sizzy Rocket returns with a pop-vengeance in her latest single “Bestie.” As she […]

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Video: HUNNY – “Cry for Me”

June 4, 2015 No comments yet

HUNNY’s video for their debut single “Cry for Me” features a pink slime product that relieves heartbreak in a Japanese infomercial. It captures the band’s lively personality through humorously treating love as something that can be cured with something as simple as a dose of medicine. HUNNY’s awe-inspiring fashion-sense paints a colorful picture against a […]

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Video: Wes Period – “Champagne Champion”

June 3, 2015 No comments yet

WHO I WAS BEFORE IS NOT ME ANYMORE 24 year-old Wes Period has infiltrated the blogosphere with his brand of infectious, West Coast-drenched rap. His latest “Champagne Champion” produced by Lovelife induces pure revelry as his verse floods a bubbling baseline, churning and fizzing until the whole thing froths over at that call-to-party chorus that begs you over to […]

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Video: ASTR – “Activate Me” (Darkchild Mix)

May 28, 2015 No comments yet

I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU I’ve been waiting for you new ASTR. Arriving like a shot of electric current straight to the bloodstream, “Activate Me” wires its circuits straight to the heart, shooting spurned signals and relentless 90’s bass more N*sync than Justin’s old school bleached locks until your body’s forced to comply. Not to mention the fact that ASTR […]

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Video: Aquilo – “Calling Me”

May 27, 2015 No comments yet

THIS IS ALL I NEED There are few acts I love as much as Aquilo right now. With a penchant for emotionally fragile lyrics and soft-spoken melodies, they perpetually hit the sensitive sweet spot. With their latest release “Calling Me” taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name, Aquilo dive deeper down that tender yet tempestuous […]

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Video: Jessie Ware – “Jealous” (Nick Jonas Cover) [BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge]

May 13, 2015 No comments yet

EVERYBODY WANTS A TASTE BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge has a long, rich history for continually bringing us some of the dreamiest, ear-melting, covers. Today the tradition continued when Jessie Ware proved her devotion in song as she covered Nick Jonas’ “Jealous.” All windswept and soulful the way that Jessie so seamlessly does most things,  it all makes for the […]

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Video: Swim Deep – “One Great Song And I Could Change The World”

April 30, 2015 No comments yet

IT’S ONLY GONNA GET LIGHTER A far feel from the SWIM DEEP paradise I came to know back in 2013, the band has recently had a sonic revolution, emerging from their sun-drenched psychedelic blur into dusty, politically charged scope that once again sees them “shaving their heads and going to war” as Austin Williams described to DIY. Like a cocoon […]

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Video: Wes Period – “Highs & Lows”

April 23, 2015 No comments yet

THEY COME AND THEY GO Back in November, MJF premiered Wes Period’s latest “Highs & Lows” on a bed of bombastic production courtesy of Lovelife. Today, he unleashes the song’s visual counterpart taking us on a personal journey through his hometown of La Habra, California. Against a backdrop of sun-sucking skies and childhood friends, Wes makes an intimate video […]

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Video: Oyinda – “The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me”

April 9, 2015 No comments yet

SWALLOW ME DOWN With it’s sinister strings and melancholy vocals, “The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me” finds Oyinda wandering down a dark, soulful road where sound stunning as they are menacing reign supreme. In her just released video directed by Simon Davis, a stark, monochrome aesthetic spotlights a composed Oyinda among a sea of dementors that could make the dark lord […]

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Video: Meg Myers – “Sorry”

April 7, 2015 No comments yet

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME The pop princess of the dark side Meg Myers stunned with her recent release “Sorry.” Today, she arrives with an the song’s seething and guttural video that is equal parts destructive and emotional as she plunges into a wasteland of heartbreak. For the video, Meg mentioned to director Andrew Donoho that […]

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