Video: Zebra Katz – “W8WTF”

September 2, 2012 1 comment

KNOCK KNOCK. As we proceed.
I’m back for the first time since Memorial Day or something. Tomorrow is Labor Day, I still have to work but whatever. Remember the beauty that was “Imma Read?” Well, Zebra Katz is back with another “BANGER” aptly titled “W8WTF.” This song is your future. Banger is the lamest word.

I decided to listen to blog music for the first time in 4 months today, kidding not kidding. Am I kidding (my favorite song is a three way tie between Heart Attack, Mercy, and As Long As You Love Me–so not kidding). Anyways whilst listening to the thwomping bass heard in this song in my Beats by Dre by Marc (sponsorship) I felt so gutterly inspired that I couldn’t let it escape all my ex blogfriends. Another thing that makes my music heart go aflutter are deep voices so this is for me. Also, the video is pretty boss, directed by your girl Ursula Mann. I don’t know how to do this blogthing anymore, can you guys tell?