Video: Two-9 – “Stayin’ True”

January 30, 2013 2 comments

You ever have good music sitting right under your nose and when you hear it you get angry at yourself? Well that’s what happened when I finally decided to listen to Two-9. I had seen them around as opening acts for concerts, but never actually listened to any of their music, and boy do I regret needing this late pass. Two-9 is an Atlanta collective of artists that includes Key, Retro Sushi, and Curtis Williams among others, and they dropped two pretty good tapes last year. While going back through their material I came across this video which was released late last year, and I figured this would be a good introduction to their music. Combining quality hooks, good vibes and production that’s kinda reminiscent of Fly.Union, there’s something for everyone in Two-9.

Be sure to check out the “Two-9 Forever” and “A Two-9 Christmas” tapes.