Video: Twigs – “Ache”

August 9, 2012 1 comment

Download: Twigs – Ache

No one knows who she is or what she wants (fame? money? sex? corn dogs?). Wait, that’s a lie. Her name is Twigs, a UK singer, and she just got a cover feature on I-D Magazine. To celebrate, she releases this very delicious video/song for us. One Jamaican described Twigs as “Faded Lykke Li.” Seems apt. I personally think “The Weeknd’s Sister” works, as well. The choppy, breathy chorus has elements of that unreleased Drake “I’m Ready For You” song that would later be used by Tinie Tempah and Rita Ora. Shouts out to Black Bootleg Bane doing interpretive dance. And, because MJF loves you, I ripped the MP3 for your mobile listening pleasure. Also, below is the only other piece of content I’ve been able to find by her, a song entitled “Hide” … and it is very sexy. [Via]