Video: Toro y Moi – “Say That”

January 1, 2013 No comments yet

Happy New Year, you crazy junkies. A few of us lazy bloggers have resolved to post more in 2013. A couple weeks ago we were blessed with the gift of the “So Many Details” video in which Chazwick looked perfectly dapper, albeit a little less gentle dove than normal.

“Say That” was presented to us today and it is giving me high hopes for 2013, oh and Toro Y Moi’s forthcoming LP, Anything in Return. Okay, let’s talk about this video. Number 1, I’m going to need a gif of Chaz dancing in the wilderness around the 1:35 and the 3:45 mark, Bauce. Also, shoutout to wind turbines, the tree Chaz lays on, and the way he bangs on the keyboard without looking at it. I’m in love.