Video: The Neighbourhood – “Sweater Weather” (Nº2)

March 5, 2013 1 comment

My black and white heart. The Neighbourhood just released today their video for “Sweater Weather” (Nº2). If you remember, the first video was released a YEAR ago, featuring Jesse and his love interest in LA in a romantically sweet but incredibly intriguing video that left me and so many wanting more music. It goes without saying that I had the video on repeat.

The Neighbourhood has come a long way since then. That video? It now has over 2 Million views on YouTube. And the band? They have a record deal. And are playing festivals from Laneway in Australia to Coachella here in the U.S. And are selling out shows across the world. They really do have the world in their hands.

Directed by Zack Sekuler & Daniel Iglesias Jr. of Ends, Sweater Weather (Nº2) is a cinematic six minutes that is probably their most revealing video yet featuring all five members of the band. My favorite shot may be the shadows on the brick wall…It takes me back to when we didn’t know their faces or really know anything about them all besides the music. It reminds me that while they’re some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, it was really the music first that made them my band crush. Also, that spray can image at the end I mean – holy, how sick is that? And when they flip it over…so much nostalgia for the I’m Sorry… cover art. Perfect video. Thank you, fellers. #iloveyou.

I Love You. is out April 23 via Columbia Records.


1. How
2. Afraid
3. Everybody’s Watching Me
4. Sweater Weather
5. Let It Go
6. Alleyways
8. Flawless
9. Female Robbery
10. Staying Up
11. Float