Video: The Knocks & Fred Falke – “Geronimo”

July 23, 2012 2 comments

I still have a lot of love for everything The Knocks put out. Today, Rolling Stone showcased the debut for their new video “Geronimo” off of their new EP of the same name out today. B-Roc and J Patt met Fred Falke at SXSW when Fred suggested that he would be in NYC soon and suggested they get in the studio together. According to B-Roc, the name for the track came “when Fred was trying to think of a name for the record (before we did the vocals), he looked up and saw the picture and said, ‘Who’s that?’ We told him it’s Geronimo and he said ‘Perfect!’… That inspired the concept and lyrics later.”

Like most of the visuals from The Knocks, this video complements the dance vibe of the song by featuring people with some incredible hula moves out in a desert. Can The Knocks be at Coachella next year and play this? Please say yes.