Video: Rockwell Knuckles – “Helmet”

November 24, 2012 No comments yet

Sometimes the circles you run in do a great job at hipping you to an artist that you like early… and sometimes those same circles fail you miserably. Right now, I’m reeling from such disappointment because I don’t know how I wasn’t made aware of Rockwell Knuckles before today. A (very hilarious) dude I follow on Twitter, @NicholsAccomp, tweeted a link from Smoking Section. Turns out he and his buddy @MadeMonarch_O actually directed this fresh, entertaining video which syncs up well with the image, at least on first impressions, that Rockwell Knuckles puts out there. (And on first impression Rockwell’s voice/cadences kind of sound like a slightly more baritone version of T.I.)

If you are feeling this video/song then check out Rockwell’s latest album “Take Me To Your Leader” below. I know I’ve got it on repeat.

Download: Rockwell Knuckles – “Take Me To Your Leader”