Video: Nervous Nellie – “Gloves”

February 12, 2013 No comments yet

If you’re like me, Nervous Nellie’s “Gloves” has been stuck in your head since first hearing it last week. “Gloves” is the first single of the band’s newest EP (and the first music the band is releasing sans record label). The band recently expressed that they are as inspired by this new freedom as they are impatience: “Frustration is the key word in this business, and when we feel it is completely dead and nothing happens, that is when we seek fear. The feeling of “can we do this?”, that’s what we want!”

That impatience has driven the band into some cool new material including a uniquely creative video treatment for “Gloves” where “Are You Afraid of the Dark” meets some construction paper animation to take you on a pretty trippy journey. I am so  intrigued by this Swedish band so excited to see where they go. Watch the video and check out the band’s full interview with Tunigo.

Bonus: Stream Nervous Nellie’s Gloves EP in full below (don’t miss “Eaten By Bears”)


Via MTV Buzzworthy