Video: Meg Myers – CURBSTOMP

October 9, 2012 No comments yet

Meg Myers and I were roomies at summer camp in another life. You’re probably wondering how I arrived at this conclusion. I know you’re not wondering but I’ll tell you anyways.

Curbstomping is one of my favorite threats! I remember when I found out what curbstomping was like it was yesterday. It might have been after seeing American History X? I’m a liar I really have no idea HOWEVER, urbandictionary it for some historical education on the topic.

Back to Meg. Meg Myers is her abnormal self in the video. Bloody at times, frolicking with a bounty of stuffed animals in other moments. The song is also her ideal blend of that angsty yet sweet sound. Another thing I enjoy is the tribalesque beat. It’s music to sing along to in the car after work when you’re really mad at the world and tired so you need to play something that’ll keep you awake for that 30 minute drive at 2 am…..amirite?