Video: Lovelife – “Your New Beloved”

February 18, 2013 No comments yet

One day, we we will meet after everything. We will drink and make amends, raise a toast to your old loving.

I have talked about how I quickly fell in love with Lovelife after seeing them open for The Neighbourhood. The band made it easy with both of their El Regreso and The Fourth Floor EPs (the latter which included the Xaphoon Jones co-produced jam “The Key”).

The Brooklyn by way of UK duo is back today to release the video for “Your New Beloved” off of The Fourth Floor. Depicting the end of a relationship, the video’s dark lighting and chilling atmosphere (and not only because it was shot in a freezing cold studio in West London) matches the introspective subject material.

Singer Lee Newell says the video is about “how isolating and self reflective a transition as serious as the end of a relationship can be. It helps me get over things I would usually find difficult getting over. Like break ups, loss, my hairline, etc. We aren’t platinum selling artists yet, so a hot girl in a body bag will do.” Keyword yet.

p.s. They promised me they’re going on tour soon so keep an eye on their Tour page to see them live.