Video: “Love Oprah” (Love Sosa Parody)

December 18, 2012 4 comments

“These bitches love Oprah and they love her show boy
Know she from the ‘Go boy, oversized soaps boy.”

While it is indeed true that bitches love Sosa, he’s not the most beloved person by the female gender. Not by a long shot. Oprah “Money Bags” Winfrey wears that crown—easily. You think Chief Keef and GBE are scary? Imagine running into some of Oprah’s goons on the street. She carries Chiraq with her, bruh.

But what happens when you combine Keef’s street banger with the world’s immense adoration for Oprah? Well, you get “Love Oprah.”

MJF resident and Twitter legend Bauce Sauce drops a hilarious parody of “Love Sosa,” which pretty much guarantees that none of us will get any work done for the rest of the day. Thank you, Based Bauce.

Be sure to pick up this month’s O magazine on your way home from work and purchase Chief Keef’s debut album, Finally Rich.

Lyrics and Breakdown over at Rap Genius.