Video: Joey Bada$$ – “Underground Airplay” (feat. Big KRIT and Smoke DZA)

February 8, 2013 1 comment


New York stand up. The crown prince of poor SEO strategizing, Joey Bada$$, dropped a video off for his latest effort yesterday, and it’s… alright, I guess. The beat is boom bap at its most boomy and bappy, and the video has a certain “Run This Town” vibe to it which is appealing, but something’s just off about it.

Maybe it’s how Joey, being the unpolished product he is, can’t seem to catch up to the beat for the life of him, or maybe it’s the annoying accent he chooses to affect (which is kind of infuriating, choose a voice already). In all likelihood, it’s how Big KRIT completely takes over from Mr. Screw-With-Your-Google-Results and Smoke DZA, as he did on the hit-or-miss posse cut “1 Train”. Definitely worth a listen for the KRIT verse, if to remind you that he exists.