Video: Beck Reworks David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” with a 170 Piece Orchestra

February 12, 2013 1 comment

I don’t even know what to say about this because it’s almost too grandiose. Beck holds a special place in my heart because I’ve got some great memories of Odelay and more specifically “Where It’s At” from my childhood. But, this right here! If you’re like me and large orchestras get you going, this is for you. If you hate orchestras and amazing things, this is not for you. Here’s the Bowie original if you like to compare and contrast stuff before you make a decision about liking a cover. I’m wondering if the singers get counted as human instruments and if they do…cool! Also cool, Beck’s dad, David Campbell is the conductor. Very cute. I’ll act like this doesn’t have anything to do with Lincoln and their advertising.

AND BONUS keeping with the string instrument theme:

Paul Dateh went ahead and covered Hudson Mohawke’s “Fuse” on the violin. We’ve heard an orchestra jam through a cover of TNGHT’s “Higher Ground” so maybe Hudson and orchestras just go together. This is confusing, but I keep going back to it. So, I think I’m into it.