The Drake-iest Moments In “Started From The Bottom”

February 14, 2013 9 comments

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I like Drake and I find his music entertaining—but I find Drake himself infinitely more entertaining. Naturally, then, the video for his new single, “Started From The Bottom” has been a special kind of treat, full of imagery that could only be executed by Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham.

It really goes without saying that this entire song is one of the Drake-iest things that Drake has ever produced, with the title alone being the best example of that. Drake is literally the only person who would describe where he started as the bottom. That’s not to say that Drake hasn’t had his share of hardships, but not making the Forbes “30 Under 30” list after your first season on Degrassi is not what most would call the bottom.


Drake video 1

He opens with Toronto. Obviously. Did you know that Canadian Drake is Canadian and was born in Toronto—a Canadian city—and was also raised in that same Canadian city of Toronto? Canada. No one has tried to make their city happen with no avail more than Drake has tried to make Toronto happen.



Presented without commentary.



I would love to know how significant of an impact being promoted to night manager made on his career as a rapper.



Mom in the music video alert! You didn’t actually think he’d leave her out, did you?



I’m not saying this girl looks like Aaliyah…I’m just saying she doesn’t not look like Aaliyah.



The confetti makes this entire video. “Confetti in the convenience store” is going to become slang for something. I have no idea what, but it will be something.



BOWLING. He’s not at a club—strip or otherwise–or a house party or a bed full of beautiful women. Drake’s idea of a good time is an evening of knocking down some pins while all his friends watch. The last time I remember someone bowling in a music video was Justin Bieber in the “Baby” video. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing.



His crew is wearing matching t-shirts–not coordinating–matching. You know who else is really into matching custom t-shirts? Sorority sisters.



This is quite possibly the Drake-iest moment in the history of Drake.



Look at that! Drake got Stevie Wonder to let him borrow his favorite dashiki! Sometimes it seems like Drake just has all the luck.



I know it most likely isn’t, but it sure looks like he’s drinking orange soda from a brandy snifter.


The Drake-iest line from one of the Drake-iest songs ever: I wear every single chain, even when I’m in the house

I have never believed anything as strongly as I believe that.

Drake ~ Started From The Bottom from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.