The Curious Case of Sad Kanye & The Grey Sweatshirt

April 30, 2013 8 comments


Anyone who knows anything about comfort and/or sadness is familiar with the art of the favorite sweatshirt or sweatpants, or both. You might spend years unknowingly looking for the right leisure clothing item and then suddenly when you least expect it, it happens. Day after day you end up thinking about how as soon as you get home from your soul-crushing job you are going to dive right into those wearable clouds. I’ve come to discover, celebrities, well at least one celebrity, appreciates the casual comfort item.

As a self proclaimed style icon, Kanye West, aka, The Louis Vuitton Don (it’s so unfair), is highly educated in “dressing to impress.” As a man who is constantly rapping about designers such as, Versace (ver-say-see), Gucci (more than once), Margiela, Dior (also “Dior Homme, not Dior, homie”). And says things like, “Most rappers taste level ain’t at my waist level,” there’s reason for concern when I receive two texts from two different sources on two separate days with two different pictures of Kanye wearing what appears to be the same grey hoodie and a look of pure melancholy on his face.

We are all very aware that Kanye is, to put it simply, going through some things. However, I never thought that the leather kilt wearing trendsetter who we all know and sometimes love would go out in public lookin like the rest of us plebians on a rough day. My concern led me to a google image search. I needed to know more about this sweatshirt. I had so many questions: Who designed the sweatshirt? How long has he been wearing it? Is it always the same sweatshirt? Does he always look sad in it? What does he typically pair it with? Is he always with Kim when he’s adorned in it? HAS HE BEEN CAPTURED WEARING THE SWEATSHIRT WITH ANY CRUMBS OR STAINS ON IT? (PLEASE SAY NO, INTERNET!) Below you will find a sample of my discovery. Brace yourself, for you are in for a sad, emotional, journey.

The Curious Case of Sad Kanye & The Grey Sweatshirt

may 10th 2011



What’s the matter Ye? The above picture was taken at Kanye’s 2011 Performance at the Museum of Modern Art’s Annual Party in the Garden. At one point the author of the show recap states of the performance, the garden has likely never seen so much “twisted pain.” Kanye is described as moody and irritated during his set SAVE FOR when he brought out his special guest, Jay-Z. Hov is referred to as, “one of the few people who, it seems, can lift Mr. West’s mood,” which is key later on in this study. To me, Kanye’s expression in the photo is more similar to how one would look whilst observing a puppy being run over by a semi than that of a man performing at a hip garden party. I’m 93% sure the hoodie he’s wearing is the salt & pepper American Apparel zipup every sorority girl wears to class. This hoodie was also seen on a dead-in-the-eyed Kanye May 4th, a week earlier. From what I recall, Kanye was single in May 2011, but I also have a terrible memory.

may 4th 2012



Kanye and Kim are going steady at this time. Observe Kanye, he could not look less interested in a big booty brunette dancing in hot pants. He is making a face akin to one most people make as they stare into a microwave while they heat up last night’s calzone. While Stiller, on the other hand, looks ready to pounce at any moment. Perhaps Ye only had eyes for Kim and that’s what the look is about? Yeezy appeared to be pretty miserable the entire game, it also was a Knicks game, in the company of Ben Stiller, so, there’s that. From my brief Google hunt this appears to be the first time we see his 2012 grey hoodie, which looks as though it is from Kohl’s, except, we definitely know it’s not from Kohl’s. PSA: There is nothing wrong with buying hoodies from Kohl’s.

july 10th 2012



This picture comes from a post on a gossip site that references a Kanye tweet confirming his track, “Perfect Bitch,” to be about his new boo Kim. Kanye looks more angry than sad in this photo which is surprising because he has very clearly stated in the past, “Don’t matter who or you or look how ya co-or-dinated man that’s my favorite/I love the way that it,” he is into couples matching, which is clearly happening here. Other pictures from the same day highlight KimYe having a routine date of riding around in Lambos in their leather and tees. Kim even pumped Kanye’s gas. The car kind. Seems pretty ideal, no? Also curious, why is his shirt so wrinkled? Why is he wearing a sweatshirt in July? Why are they both wearing leather in July? Final statement: his hand looks very not into the idea of holding Kim’s. He may or may not be flexing his wrist (looking at the vein) in resistance, albeit I’m no body language expert.

april 2nd/april 3rd 2013



source1 source2

…just KimYe enjoying a romantic weekend in Paris…

At least the sweatshirt looks clean & pressed after repeat wears? I really don’t know what to say about these. The second one almost makes me want to cry real tears for Kanye. If only first Kanye was matched up with second Kim they would legitimately look like the most unhinged couple on the planet, and there is A LOT of competition out there. By April, Kim is pregnant. Kanye is spending most of his time in Paris frolicking with Daft Punk in my probably true fantasy of his life. People have been talking about him abandoning the mother of his child. It’s a good thing they were able to have this time in Paris, it seems like they really needed it.

april 22 2013



Kanye returns to America. That is a scared, scared, man. Fear is not an expression I’ve really come across in my google image adventure. Kanye looks like he’s got some watery eyes at the moment while Kim appears as though she is the master of the universe. As Kim gets more and more pregnant Kanye’s expression in the grey sweatshirt seems to appear more troubled. But, I mean, that’s probably normal for most humans. Although, Kanye isn’t really most humans. Actually, this face does look familiar, kind of resembles Kanye’s face when he made that comment about a past President, that one time.

After careful observation and analysis of the picture series from this day and those from summer 2012, the telling factor of the zippers on the side of the sweatshirt is the burden of proof. Kanye is wearing the same zipup from spring/summer of 2012 in April 2013. This just might be his IT comfort item.

april 22 2013 (later that day)


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

ICEBERG SLIM IS BACK TO ROCK KANYE’S BOAT, C’MON! I wanted to end on a happy note. And as stated before, Hov is the light of Kanye’s life. Maybe Kanye was sad in Paris because of the “beef” going on between him and Jay about the JT bromance. All Yeezy needed to soothe his aching heart was a hug from his big brother. I spent more than an average amount of time sleuthing the internet for pics of Kanye in grey sweatshirts. This is hands down the happiest he has ever looked since 2011 in his signature comfort item. And quite possibly, the happiest he has ever looked since he was spotted playing Connect 4 with BeyoncĂ©.

In conclusion, I am well aware an abundance of happy pictures of Kanye and Kim exist. But HOW MANY EXIST WHEN HE IS WEARING A GREY SWEATSHIRT? Clearly, this academic study has revealed he is also sad in the grey sweatshirt when he is alone AND/OR with Ben Stiller. However, there are two instances in this report that reveal there is a positive correlation between Kanye’s joy when he is in a grey sweatshirt and when he is with Jay-Z. Is it mutually exclusive? I can’t say. I wasn’t expecting to find out this information, it found me. This grey sweatshirt trend has existed since 2011, if not earlier. And Kanye has cycled through at least 3 sweatshirts that we know of. There might be more in the future, only time will tell. If you made it this far, wow! I hope you learned absolutely nothing from this article. Godspeed, fellow Kanye freaks. Pray he gets more Jay-Z time to keep that smile alive.