Stream: Yeasayer and Julia Holter cover Fleetwood Mac

November 26, 2012 No comments yet

If you don’t love or at the very least respect Fleetwood Mac I don’t want to know you. Music magazine, Mojo, is including a copy of cover album, Rumours Revisted with their January issue. When looking at the tracklist the two I was interested in hearing are the two you can preview below and since I’m in control of this post that’s all you get. Julia Holter does all sorts of amazing with “Gold Dust Woman,” she is a talent–google her on the internet. Yeasayer stays slightly more close to the style of Fleetwood Mac in “Second Hand News,” well the best they can without a female vocalist. I was kind of nervous to listen to the covers but I think they represented the group well without overdoing it, which is always nice.