Stream: Wildarms – Slumber Sessions [Mix]

February 18, 2013 No comments yet


Falling asleep is sometimes so hard. And going to sleep after a three-day weekend? The worst. The sweetness of that extra day off suddenly churns into a pang of anxiety in your stomach. And then another and another until you’re mind is so polluted with the stresses of tomorrow that there isn’t anything that absolve the heaviness. Wildarms’ Duncan gets that and I can swear by his Slumber Sessions mix:

“I find falling asleep really nerve-wracking. I can’t do it without listening to something to distract me from myself, and I try to make it the opposite of how I feel. Do you know that website that just plays rain sounds on a continuous loop? I ripped it off and put their MP3 under my mix. I don’t know why people like that sound so much. Do you think it has to do with memories of hearing inside their mother? This mix is that sound and some of the prettiest songs I can think of, by soft singer/songwriters like Marissa Nadler, MayMay and Castlemusic and a lot from the Japanese label Flau, which always releases these delicate little dots of songs that I bet would turn to dew in the morning if you kept them on loop. Everything here had to be very romantic, because my idea of a good night is someone having fallen asleep on your arm, but you stay awake for five extra minutes, and your hand is just kind of folded up onto itself on the other side of their shoulder, dangling upwards and getting a happy kind of cold. That’s really all you can hope for.”

Wildarms Clear Eyes EP is available now on Cascine.