Stream: Wildarms – “Full Hearts”

January 22, 2013 No comments yet


Holy Wildarms (aka Brooklyn based Duncan Cooper). Where have you been with your magical and wistful anecdotes? I swear his music swirls up around you engulfing you into what I can only describe as electronic bliss. Not to mention, he has a song called “Full Hearts” and his EP Clear Eyes is due February 5th via Cascine. UM. CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS…CAN’T LOSE. It seems Wildarms believes in Friday Night Lights and you know, I definitely believe in Wildarms. The guy is good. And he has good taste in tv shows. What more can you ask for? Hear what I mean below in “Full Hearts.” Can he name his next song “Texas Forever?” Or “Tim Riggins Forever” – whichever works.

p.s. You can pre-order Wildarms’ EP on iTunes here. And hear more Wildarms for free on SoundCloud.

And one more: Listen to his song “Acceptance” that will be on his Clear Eyes EP here.