Stream: TRAILS and WAYS – “Detornar-se” (Remix EP)

January 8, 2013 No comments yet


Trails and Ways was one of mt favorite great indie surprises of 2012. After finding out about them from Ghost Beach through the remixes they had done together, I went in to discover I really loved their genre of dream pop, especially their song “Border Crosser.”

Today they released a remix album. What’s cool about this though is that the band describes how instead of setting out to create a remix album, these are all remixes that came to them froms self-inspired producers including The Seshen, Celestial Trax, Wallpaper., The Highweights, Ghost Beach, Prismic, Delight, Yalls and BunnynoserThe album contains remixes of three Trails and Ways Singles (“Mtn Tune,” “Nunca” and “Border Crosser” and “Tereza”) and two remixes of covers they’ve recorded (“Sure Thing” and “Midnight City”). My favorites are definitely are the Ghost Beach, Wallpaper. and The Seshen Remix (which you can download for free), but the whole album makes for some nice listening.