MP3: The Killers – “Miss Atomic Bomb” (Lovelife Remix)

January 15, 2013 2 comments

lovelife atomic bomb remix

Speaking of bands that open for The Neighbourhood, Lovelife is a band I found out about when I went to see The Neighbourhood at The Studio at Webster Hall (those guys really keep good company). The band’s scruffy synth-pop sound shines on both of their 2012 releases El Regreso and The Fourth Floor EP – which p.s. you can download both for free at their website. If you want to get a taste for these guys, definitely listen to “Tonight (We’re Taking Our Own Lives.”  Actually, just do it anyway because every person I’ve sent that song to has loved it so why not. ANYWAYS, The Killers asked Lovelife to do a remix of “Miss Atomic Bomb.” They said of the song: “We did it whilst hurricane Sandy was dancing its way through the poor streets of NY and all we had left to eat was empty cans and seasoning.” There is a darkness about this band’s music that I am kind of drawn to – and they bring that same epic, spooky element to this remix. Must say, I prefer this to the original. Also, they use the word whilst so there’s that.