Stream: Tel Aviv – “Brakes” and “Thriller”

January 19, 2013 1 comment


Usually I only pick one song to highlight a band but in this case, I couldn’t just pick one. I promise you won’t be mad. Tel Aviv – made up of friends Tom Briggs and Jack King – came about when they pretended to be an 80’s cover band for a free ride on an international cruise. Honestly, not a bad idea. And if this was the music they were playing, I wouldn’t have minded at all. Unfortunately, they got kicked off the cruise when it was figured out after they were trying to sneak some people on board. YOLO though, right? Well, they were left at a port in where else, but Tel Aviv. And a band was born. Indie pop dripped in synths, their music has the sonic sensibility of St. Lucia and the pure catchiness of Ghost Beach.  “Brakes” is just perfect. and “Thriller” sounds like Ryan Gosling in Drive in that elevator scene…

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I couldn’t help myself; I had to share “Prince of Pasadena” because why not.

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