Stream: Othello Woolf – “Odysseus”

January 29, 2013 2 comments


Clearly, being a huge nerd, I was drawn to this artist by his name and the track title. For you illiterate folk, let me explain. Wait, if you’re illiterate–you can’t read this at all…anyways.


WOOLF IS THE LAST NAME OF A FEMALE AUTHOR NAMED VIRGINIA WOOLF. She had a wicked crazy writing style and one time I had to write a paper in her writing voice while telling the story of Matisse painting A PAINTING that I had to paint while also including the perspectives of two other people in the paper (I chose his housekeeper and lover). MY TEACHER DID A LOT OF POT. I GOT A SUPER A+ AND SHE KEPT IT TO BE AN EXAMPLE FOR FUTURE STUDENTS! #FLEXXXXXXX

SHOOT. I forgot, there’s also a play called Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Written by Edward Albee…it was also a big deal.

ODYSSEUS IS A CHARACTER IN THE EPIC POEM THE ODYSSEY BY HOMER. I think everyone read that in high school, no? Epic Poems also need to be brought out of obscurity, we can do this together–Rap Internet.

Okay, now that I’ve given you all an unwanted literature/semi-biographical lesson we can discuss the song/artist.

Othello Woolf is a British lad who is currently working on his debut album. When I first came across Othello I was expecting the music to be some type of avant-garde folk. “Odysseus” is not that. It is better than that. His style falls into that new brand of r&b that has taken over my soul in the past year. The vocals are sweeping, the beat is lush and it actually distracts me from listening to the lyrics (because I read he references the Odyssey but the only thing I ever catch is him saying ‘Odysseus’ and mentioning his mother). I’ll keep my ears out for more from this interesting artist.

In the mean time read more books, BEAST.