MP3: Night Terrors of 1927 – “Dust and Bones”

November 21, 2012 2 comments

Hi guys. I’ve been slightly MIA due to a dislocated elbow that left me a little less than handicapable. With my right arm back, I had to come back to post some new music that came out recently since the incident (if you noticed LOST references in that last sentence, let’s be friends.)

ANWAY, I am back to post back to Weird MJF* with a new sweeping, indie rock jam from Los Angeles’ Night Terrors of 1927. LA: See them next month at Neon Gold Records’ Popshop West, supporting Pacific Air at The Echo on December 7th.

Sounds Like: Manican Party

Other Songs to Check out: Watch The World Go Dark

*Weird MJF – As defined by Lloyd in this week’s Snack Bar , Weird MJF is where Anna and I hangout. Different from Black MJF, MJF Late Night, etc.