Stream: MisterWives – “The Western”

January 24, 2013 2 comments


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Like everyone else in the entire universe right now we are dealing with some fucking les miserable weather in the Midwest. Sometimes the only cure to the brutal cold (aside from a fresh owl onesie) is music that is reminiscent of warmer days. Allow me to give you just that in the form of MisterWives.

The trio hails from New York and their sound, strongly dominated by their vocalist, Mandy Lee, is some form of modern folk music. At times I hear hints of Feist in Mandy’s voice, and at other times–especially in “The Western,” my mind draws comparisons to Of Monsters and Men (this is most likely due to the ‘HEYS’ and handclaps). Basically, what I’m getting at is Misterwives is something special and Mandy has a uniquely powerful voice that I can’t get enough of right now–I even found myself listening to her cover a Christmas song in full and I strongly dislike Christmas music.

If Mandy’s voice sounds familiar it is most likely because you heard her “Midnight City” collaboration with The Knocks from last year. Something tells me that cover probably went HypeM platinum. However, that was then, and now Mandy and the men in MisterWives are keeping busy recording their EP and playing shows in New York. I’ll be on the lookout for more music from the group

Big thank you to Sean for tracking me down on Twitter and actually sharing something worth listening to, ah, the power of the internet!

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