STREAM: Jinx – Funeral Kings [MIXTAPE]

March 2, 2013 2 comments

So I’m slowly making my way through all the films in the major 2012 awards circuits, because I didn’t have enough time to do so in 2012.  And I was lucky enough to come across SXSW gem Funeral Kings on iTunes today — such an awesome watch, so unabashedly confident in itself.

The film was bolstered tremendously, though, by a sick ass soundtrack courtesy of Jinx, and produced by The Lions Share.  No one will confuse this for a hip-hop artifact, lyrics destined for dissection in music criticism classes somewhere down the line, but that’s not the point at all.

Jinx’s mixtape is a gleefully-meandering piece of back-of-the-school-bus fuckery, the perfect backdrop for scenes of kids stealing guns and trying to see some titties, that’s refreshingly unapologetic in its “spark something and see what happens” construction — none of which should denigrate some ridiculously nice production values.

Personal favorites of mine include “Third Base” — about exactly what it sounds like — “Punk (It’s Goin’ Down)” and mixtape closer “The Holy Moly Donut Shop” which perfectly caps a fuck you if you’re not drunk yet vibe.

Will it stand the test of time?  No.  Is it a lunchbox full of fun?  Damn straight, down to the shades of N*E*R*D why-not-try-rocking-the-fuck-out-a-little interjections.  It’s playful, it’s unrefined, it’s attention-deficit in all the best ways, and it’s my favorite film soundtrack in quite some time.

Sometimes, you just want a juicebox when getting some dome.  Consider this a crazy straw straight to the ears.