Stream: Hoodie Allen – “Cake Boy”

February 11, 2013 1 comment

cake boy hoodie

It’s Hoodie! Hoodie Allen has always felt like a friend who is also a rapper. I have yet to witness anyone interact with their fans the way he does via social media: he responds, he engages, he updates, he makes his fans feel special. Maybe it’s his age, maybe it’s his story and taking a risk of leaving a sound job at Google to give his dream job of music a chance, maybe it’s his constant cultural references that tug at my childhood heart-strings, but Hoodie is just relatable. I know the youngin’s love him, but never forget even Bauce Sauce (who is not necessary his key demographic) saw him in concert and left saying “Bottomline: Go to one of Hoodie’s shows.”

If you follow Hoodie on Twitter, you know he’s been working on a new album called Crew Cuts and gearing up for his Cruisin’ USA Tour (n64 reference, nbd. p.s. you can still get tickets here. You know I’ll be at his April 13 show in NYC). As of today, you can now stream his newest “Cake Boy” on Spotify. Definitely a different sound than previous material, he lyrics still feel nostalgically Hoodie with references to Instagram and Ashton Kutcher, but there’s something more mature feeling that Hoodie “Cake Boy” evokes. Hoodie is growing up and if “Cake Boy” is any indication, so is his music – as it should be. Who wants an artist that stays stagnant?

Keep a look out: the video for “Cake Boy” to be released today 12:00 pm EST.

Update: watch the video now.