Stream: Ghost Beach – “Tear Us Apart”

October 10, 2012 No comments yet

Will I ever not like a Ghost Beach track? In case you missed my first post where I professed my love, Ghost Beach is an indie pop (well more specifically “Tropical Grit Pop” band) and you know I love my indie pop like Bauce loves him some mall Japanese food.

Anyway, “Tear Us Apart” may be darker than the bands previous songs on their EP, but it still carries enough synth to keep you more than happy. Treat yoself below. Also, they are performing 3 or 4 times in the next coming two weeks in NYC (CMJ week yay). I will be at one or probably multiple shows. Come say hi. I’ll be the one trying to find the perfect place for my newest batch of MJF stickers.

Click here for the list of upcoming shows.