Stream: Ghost Beach – Modern Tongues Remixed

March 26, 2013 1 comment

Ghost Beach - Modern Tongues Remixed - 600px

IT’S HERE. After weeks of single releases, the Ghost Beach Modern Tongues Remixed is out in FULL and I am so excited and I’m sure the guys over at The Most Definitely are too now that I will stop persistently asking them for the release. You’ve heard most of the tracks, but it’s so nice to have it in full on Spotify to enjoy. Not to mention, how cool it is to see the artwork of all the singles finally come together to create one final image. Stream it below or buy it now on iTunes.

Personal favorite: Tear Us Apart (Chad Valley Remix) (who they are going on tour with this SPRING)     Tour: See them on tour starting this April with Chad Valleydates here

A Ghost Beach Experiment: p.s. in the wake of all that is happening for the band in releasing new music and getting ready to go on tour, Ghost Beach decided it would be cool to take on a musical experiment. With their new project Artists vs Artists, Ghost Beach is asking fans and artists alike if they are for piracy or against, which is a pretty heated question in today’s evolving music industry and the availability of new streaming services like Spotify. At the site, you can either download Modern Tongues for free or pay money. You can also join the conversation via Twitter and see the results in real time. Also, follow the guys on Twitter to see them RT responses from both sides.