Stream: Elliphant – Elliphant EP

January 17, 2013 No comments yet


Elliphant instantly became my girl crush with her release of “Down On Life” in December (after Jlaw of course). I’ve only listened to the EP once through before posting, but if you are expecting more of “Down On Life,” this EP is not that. Very well put by The Line of Best Fit: “Elli frequents a kind of phencyclidine world music miasma, one which combines dance hall sensibilities and rhythms with more experimental sounds.” Elliphant is rough and intense. “Make It Juicy,” sounds like M.I.A. meets Missy Elliott meets bombastic experimental sounds. “In The Jungle” takes those experimental sounds and chops them up in such a way that they explode on your ears, like techno on steroids. “Ciant Hear It” showcases a much more playful side of Elliphant – an energetic escape infused with Caribbean rhythm. If you’re looking for more of “Down On Life,” you should not look here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at all. An unexpected EP, Elliphant is clearly a diverse artist, which is definitely not a bad thing.