Stream: Dean Blunt – “Papi”

January 29, 2013 No comments yet


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The way I feel about Dean Blunt this year is similar to the way I felt about Willis Earl Beal when he quietly took over the blog world…was that last year? Willis and Dean are unified in their reliance on minimalism, yet I think they are miles apart in practically every other aspect of their music.

The first song I heard by Dean Blunt was “The Narcissist” featuring Inga Copeland (Blunt and Copeland sometimes unite and go by the moniker Hype Williams) off of his mixtape, The Narcissist II. Upon hearing Blunt’s raspy yet clean voice my first thought was, is this a Gil Scott-Heron knock off? However, I still STARRED that shit on Spotify and shared it with people I trust because there was something that kept pulling me back.

“Papi” is the latest release from Dean and it’s the first cut off of his forthcoming album, The Redeemer. Again, it’s not the most complicated piece of music but it has that draw, and the equal parts simple and sweet lyrics furthered my fancy.

Curious to see how The Redemmer will evolve.