Stream: CocoRosie – “Gravediggress”

February 13, 2013 No comments yet


About 3 weeks ago I discovered CocoRosie’s album, La Maison de Mon Rêve (almost 10 years late), so this is pretty exciting for me right now. CocoRosie is made up of sisters, Sierra and Bianca; both of them play instruments and sing. The reason I was drawn to their album recently is because 1. they’re kooky and 2. their musical style in 2004 is still very popular today. I definitely see connections to Grimes, Purity Ring, and Quadron among many other artists, but CocoRosie was very much ahead of the quirk-electro-pop-game.

Now we get to hear the cleverly titled, “Gravediggress” track from CocoRosie’s forthcoming album, Tales of a Grass Widow, out May 27th. I’d be lying if I didn’t agree with The Guardian’s reference to the beat being “Timbaland-esque.” Vocally, it’s laden with lush harmonies, a baby voice, and a solo portion that is very easy to get lost in while listening. Looking forward to more from the duo this year.