Stream: Amateur Best – ‘No Thrills’ [LP]

January 29, 2013 No comments yet

amateur best no thrills

Amateur Best aka Joe Flory is releasing his debut LP next month, a long time coming for the UK singer/songwriter/producer. Formerly Primary 1, he was due to make a pop album for a major label that didn’t work out, leaving him completely frustrated with music. Instead, he began to channel his creativity into making a series of online comics (which he still does and you can check out here). Well those cool comics were eventually released alongside 7″ singles on London label Double Denim. “What’s brilliant about doing something I am a total amateur at is that a lot of subconscious things come out in a very pure way.” I think we can all relate to needing an outlet for frustration. Clearly, Flory’s hiatus from music helped him clear his head, allowing him to come back around and thankfully for us, rediscover music. No Thrills is “about growing up and losing a lot of my dreams, but in the process also losing a lot of my illusions too. A lot of my romantic notions about love and life have been stripped over the past couple of years, but what I’m left with are things I really care about.” You can stream it all now and you should. I like every song. I mean it. And you know how rare that is, but I swear I pressed play and next thing I knew, I had finished the album. No Thrills flows with therapeutic ease, with enough pop to satiate my appetite, and enough surprising elements (that saxophone!) to make it unique. The LP is out February 4th via Double Denim.

Favorites: “Ready for the Good Life” and “Too Much”

Listen to ‘No Thrills’ now.