Stream: Alicia Keys – “Not Even The King”

September 9, 2012 1 comment

Alicia Keys is currently gearing up for the November release of her new album, Girl On Fire. She’s already given fans a listen to a solo version of “New Day” and “Girl On Fire,” the latter of which was recently butchered performed at the 2012 VMAs. But now she’s giving fans another sneak peek through a lyric video for a new track off the album.

Backed only by a piano, Alicia Keys sings about her priceless love. The track features lines like “your arms around me worth more than a kingdom” and “they can’t afford what we’ve got, not even the king.” Married life must be nice.

Give “Not Even The King” a listen below:

Thematically, “Not Even The King” is basically an updated version of “If I Ain’t Got You.” That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. This song is the strongest offering I’ve heard from the singer’s new album and the reason is restraint. Put simply, Alicia Keys is most effective when she sings understated and reserved. The strength of Alicia is certainly not the tone of her voice, but her lyrics. So songs like “Not Even The King” work because the focus is on her songwriting. You aren’t subjected to the noticeable strain you hear when she switches into her higher registers, and you can sit back and appreciate the melodies. I hope we hear more of this and less of that VMA performance on her new record because Alicia is one of R&B’s most formidable forces.