Soul Khan – Soulstice III

July 26, 2011 4 comments

Soul Khan - Soulstice III

DOWNLOAD: Soul Khan – Soulstice III

With everyone doing weekly music offerings, Freestyle Fridays, etc, it can be a daunting task to have a musical series and not have it be seen as contrived or the “same old, same old.” However, Soul Khan’s “Soulstice” series continues to build upon the last, bringing a breath of fresh air (please pardon my soulstice/solstice/weather diction) to an otherwise saturated idea. Soul Khan showcases a double-time flow that is only augmented by his, until now hidden, singing ability. The verse’s quick nature juxtaposed against the drawn-out, sung hook further emphasizes Soul Khan’s yearning to return to a place and time not so hectic. I’ve included the two previous installments below for your convenience. Look out for Soul Khan in the coming years, and, even though you probably have seen his music videos on on MTVU, he is the next big thing in Hip Hop. Also, I know he has retired from battling but I decided to include a bonus battle video after the jump just to show you Unfamiliars how versatile and entertaining this guy is.

DOWNLOAD: Soul Khan – Soulstice
DOWNLOAD: Soul Khan – Soulstice II
You Bonobo afficionados will notice the mash up of “Prelude“and “Kiara” to create the beat for Soulstice.

Grind Time Now: Soul Khan vs QP