So Future: Music To Listen For in 2013

January 10, 2013 8 comments

So Future 2013

Today has been an emotional morning: with news of JT back in the studio and a new Destiny’s Child song coming January 29 (!!!). Add that to the fact that Beyonce is performing at the Superbowl and the announcement of a cruise with Mark McGrath and his friends and 2013 is already proving to be a wondrous year in music. Personally, I am so excited about 2013 because tons of my favorite acts are about to get out there in a BIG way. You may have heard of one of these bands when I posted them in our Seconds Please: Best Songs of 2012 playlist or you may know them already, but just in case, check out some sounds you should be listening for in 2013.

1. MØ 

I first posted about back in October referencing her as the next Grimes and I still stand behind that statement. Since October, this Danish Pop princess has received more buzz as “Pilgrim” made its way around the interweb. Best of all, MØ made the announcement that we will get more of her: her new single “Glass” is out January 14, 2013.

2. Pacific Air

When I first heard “Float,” it was a moment of sheer, incandescent happiness. The band (formerly known as KO KO) makes pure POP. I swear, I can’t not bop down the street when “Float” comes on my headphones. They have a slew of shows coming up in the U.S. (the two NYC shows are sold out – I don’t want to talk about it) for which they made an awesome promo video/short doc as they get ready to hit the road. And they’re fans of Twin Shadow which assures me their musical taste is as good as their own music themselves. Even if you don’t get the chance to see these guys on tour in 2013, you will definitely be hearing more of them.

3. Goldroom

If you don’t know yet, Goldroom is responsible for making some sweet, sweet pop tunes. His ability to create catchy originals like “Sweetness Alive” and also being able to churn out this remix for Niki & The Dove  should not go unnoticed. After celebrating his New Year’s with RAC in Toronto, he now has a full length album said to be in the works. I really can’t wait to for more tunes from Goldroom. 2013 is also the year I see him live because I deserve it and you do too.

4. Sir Sly

Is it pronounced “Sir Sly” or “Seriously?” Regardless, this band has some serious ability in making good synth-pop music. They remind me of The Neighbourhood and it’s not just that they’re from California, currently have a pretty mysterious identity (like The Neighbourhood did initially), and their evident preference for black and white; it’s how their songs “Found You Out” and “Ghost” seduce you with their sound at the first listen. Whether or not Sir Sly reveals more about their identity, we will be seeing and hearing a lot more from Sir Sly, including today’s release of Gold.


HAERTS had only one song in 2012, but WHAT a song. With it’s sweeping synths and layered vocals, “Wings” is one of those tracks that stays in your head long after listening.  It has that dreamy, electronic sound that is just so infectious (which makes sense since it was co-produced by St. Lucia). Ever since hearing “Wings,” I have been thirsting for more HAERTS. With a POPSHOP performance tonight in NYC (!!!) and a debut album is due in 2013, we are surely getting more HAERTS this year.

6. Ghost Beach

“Tropical grit pop” was never a genre I had heard of – until 2012 when Ghost Beach exploded onto the blogosphere and I was smitten. Their electro, 80’s infused synths is pure pop bliss and Josh and Eric whose live performances are as fun as their music. Their chemistry is undeniable, probably because this is not their first project together. The two were formerly part of a band TVTV together, but became Ghost Beach in late 2011. In 2012, Ghost Beach gave us their Ghost Beach EP back in January, Modern Tongues in October, COUNTLESS performances (these guys play New York all the time – and I am not complaining. Any night I saw Ghost Beach was a night well spent, including the end of the world, at least for the Mayans) – but mostly they gave us anthemic dance-pop anthems that I promise you will be dancing to in 2013.

7. San Cisco

I have to give credit where credit is due. Arjun at Sunset in the Rearview and I have pretty similar taste and when he sent this my way, I just fell in love with San Cisco. The four Australians create an indie pop rock sound that is sheer goodness. Bright and blissful sounds compounded with catchy hooks and ghostly vocals, it didn’t take long for this band to gain popularity over in Australia with the Triple J radio station behind them. Lucky Australians. Fortunately for us on the other side of the world, the band released their Awkward EP in the U.S. through Fat Possum so now we get to enjoy them too.

p.s. Even Caggie Dunlop has declared her love for this band on Twitter. (And if you don’t know who Caggie Dunlop is, go watch Made in Chelsea. It’s the OC meets the Hills meets British accents. And then be sure to tweet Nah and me about how good the soundtrack is – Two Door Cinema Club, Alt-j, Alex Winston, Lykke Li and SBTRKT just to name a few).

8. Carousel

These two Berklee College of Music alumns and friends have been making music, and more importantly making people dance, as Carousel since 2011. Wistful vocals serenading you with memorable lyrics like “I miss the days when we were sober, but it will be alright…” delivered in irresistible synth-pop sounds are impossible not to revel in. They are going on tour which means a lot more people are about to know them and the more people that know them, the more people that will love them because their music just makes you feel GOOD. When you hear them on a tv show or on the radio in the near future, remember I told you so.

9. Atlas Genius 

This band of three Australian brothers + their 1 English friend are bringing back guitar-pop in 2013. I actually found this band when Goldroom did a cover of their song “Backseat” off their Through The Glass EP, which was fortunate for me because I got a great remix AND got to discover the wonder that is Atlas Genius. Their harmony drenched songs are so easy on the ears. Their full album When It Was Now is out February 19th via National Anthem.

10. Dead Times

Alternative R&B duo Dead Times made some blogosphere impressions in December with their song “Feel” and for good reason -it’s a mesmerizing experimentation of bass, strings (!) and a chorus crooning “my best is yet to come…” that just begs you to play the song again and again. They released their self-titled EP back in July that you can listen to on their bandcamp page. What’s more, they have a new album coming in 2013 called Substance with the first single called “Dissolution” coming soon (as soon as I hear it, you all will be the first to know). For these guys, the best is definitely yet to come (they handed that to me – sorry I had to).


Just in case you missed my post on this band earlier this month, SWIM DEEP is four guys from Birmingham using guitars to make sun-kissed noise. Their songs “Honey” and “The Sea” and especially “King City” run circles around my head. I swear if The OC was around, SWIM DEEP would be on those soundtracks or playing live at the Bait Shop (and if you know me, that is probably the biggest compliment I can give anyone). So, go to their Soundcloud, and just let all the songs play through. Or if you still don’t believe me, listen to “King City” below and tell me you don’t want to listen to this band every day of 2013.


Hope you guys discover a new band or two you may like from this. Any albums or sounds you’re looking forward to in 2013? I am always and obsessively looking for new music to listen to and write about so send me stuff on Twitter or name your new favorite below so Mostly Junk Food can keep a look out.