Smothered & Covered: The Dream – “Walkin’ On The Moon”

September 10, 2012 5 comments

Welcome to today’s Smothered & Covered.

Now, all in all I find the above to be… just AIGHT; maybe even a little lukewarm (leave all hatemail in the comments below). Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of The Dream, none of his songs have ever jumped out at me from the current crop of radio-ready R&B, and although his vocals are solid, they’re also a pitch or two higher than my ears care for.

That being said, the original version of Walkin’ on The Moon has a certain vibes to it. A vibes I would never have discovered without first stumbling into the below cover by the Bad Rabbits.

Entirely different beast right? Gone is the somewhat twinkly production and Mr. Nash’s higher vocal leanings, replaced with beefy honest to God live instruments, and a vocalist whose rawness in his delivery  gives Walkin’ On The Moon what I thought it was missing before; Soul.

The cover swings with a seemingly renewed vigor, eschewing the lighter (although no less deft) touch of Mr. Nash in favour of a throbbing fist that strains at the leash of the Bad Rabbits’ metronome tight delivery . That dynamic change from verse to chorus? Anthemic. These cats transmute the original into a more confident and almost savage love song. I love it.

Be sure to check out the Bad Rabbits Youtube channel, quite a few gems there, including other great covers. Follow them on Twitter as well, they’re a talented group of chaps who work hard at their craft who also have an album slated for release this year. Teddy Riley‘s involved in same. That’s BIG.