Smothered & Covered: Rihanna – “Diamonds”

October 11, 2012 No comments yet

Smothered & Covered is back with an awesome cover of Rihanna’s current single, “Diamonds.”

Lauded as one of Rihanna’s best singles, the strength of the empowering midtempo lies in Sia’s (the songwriter) ability to craft lyrics that are strikingly visual. From the repeated line, “Shine bright like a diamond” to the imagery conjured from lines like “you’re a shooting star I see,” Sia does a phenomenal job of writing about picturesque pleasantries. And it isn’t hard to understand why Rihanna described the song as “happy and hippy” before it debuted.

On the other hand, Rihanna also sounds confident in her vocal delivery. Despite the obvious reliance on reference to Sia’s singing style, the Bajan beauty keeps the nasally sounds to a minimum. She lets her vocals match the strength of the instrumental (for the most part).

So how does this translate into a great cover? Check out Jade Novah in action below:

Upon my initial viewing of this cover, I was immediately struck by the addition of the strings to the instrumental. The strings add a layer of regalness to the song, and they make an already booming production that much more memorable.

Additionally, there is undeniable purity in Jade’s voice that compliments the optimistic ballad quite well. She floats effortlessly between her full voice and head voice, basking in her ability as a vocal technician. It is the extra oomph necessary to take “Diamonds” from capable ballad to anthem. Jade Novah’s take is commendable, and good enough to stand alone as more than a cover of the original.

If you are interested in hearing more from the songstress, you can find her on Twitter or her official website.

As a bonus, check out her cover of Justin Bieber’s “Die In Your Arms.”

Props to Crunk & Disorderly for the link.