Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid (Video)

January 24, 2012 3 comments

The Sleigh Bells Duo of Derek E. Miller and (the pants tightening) Alexis Krauss unleashes their first single “Comeback Kid” off Reign Of Terror, the highly anticipated follow up to 2010’s much loved Treats.

Wrapped in a 90’s pop/grunge haze, the video sees the duo pouncing through various scenes that make me think of the Christian Slater/Winona Ryder movie “Heathers,” all middle class suburbia errythaang with a tinge of rebel, even if that beach scene reminds me of Wilson Phillips – Hold On.

The song itself is built around the standard Sleigh Bells motif – Catchy guitar riff, Alexis speaksinging as confident as ever, while massive kick drums fill the low end of the song. It hits all the familiar notes while still sounding fresh, and it’s a perfect way to reintroduce Sleigh Bells for 2012.

Reign of Terror drops Feburary 21st, and I can’t wait.