Seconds, Please 004

November 4, 2011 1 comment

Volume 4. Seconds, Please. MJF. Have a great weekend, see you next Friday.


king fantastic – appreciation (ft. truth in fiction)

I really, really enjoy this song. Everything he says makes me happy. Been on repeat daily. ‘Smoke good, drink good, eat a lot of steak, mane.’


Freddie Gibbs – 187 Proof

Besides my father, I’m the only Fred I know, and I’m willing to take my chances in saying I’m the only Fred in your life too. Luckily for all of us, there’s a Fred out there who’s done the name many more favors than I ever have: Freddie Gibbs. The fire-breather from Gary, Ind. released Cold Day in Hell this week, his first tape with Jeezy’s Corporate Thugz Entertainment. As expected, wished for, and predicted by yours truly, Gibbs pours gasoline on the burgeoning conflict between CTE and Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group with “187 Proof” (shouts to Spice 1!), a scathing MMG diss with frequent MMG collaborators J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League on production.

Shots include:

Straight Gary gangsta shit, didn’t come up off no fucking gimmicks, bitch
2Pac ain’t back cuz he got set up and shot in the chest
Biggie ain’t either, so won’t y’all gon’ let them n***** rest?


187 ways to die, bitch, this the end
6 n***** put 600 holes in yo’ 600 Benz

Bet that Meek Mill will be the first to respond, as Philly doesn’t play that. And keep it on wax, fellas. Losing 2pac and Biggie was the lowest point in rap history, we don’t need a remix.



I spent some time this week listening to albums I remember hearing in the car when I was growing up. Although my parents did NOT own The Score (I bought it at some point), they did expose my young ears to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I hold Lauryn Hill in very high esteem and her verses on “The Beast” definitely showcase her exceptional lyrical abilities.

The song is basically about the groups’ frustrations with the country and American government; many points they make remain issues in society today. However, the one remark that really got me and led to a few repeat listens is Lauryn’s line, ahem, “666 cuts WIC like Newt Gingrich sucks dick.” (WIC is a federally funded health and nutrition program for women, infants and children). Now, that is only one of many great lines Lauryn has in the track and the men do their thing too, more so Wyclef than Pras in this song. Does anyone else think Wyclef’s one sided conversation with a cop in his verse influenced Jay-Z’s discussion with the officer in “99 Problems?”

Anyways, I encourage you all to delve back into The Score, as the songs might have a different meaning for you now than they did when you first discovered the album.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl (Tiger & Woods Remix) by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Tiger and Woods remade Amber Heard’s background music into an electric song that will warrant noise complaints from the neighbors as I blast it while drinking Titos vodka.


Nipsey Hussle – I Need That ft. Dom Kennedy
Nipsey Hussle – Tha Mansion
Nipsey Hussle – Outro

Writing this from an airplane currently flying over Kansas (30,000 Feet Up In The Sky, shouts to XV). Out of the dozen of projects that dropped Monday and Tuesday. Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Continues is hands-down my favorite. For those unfamiliar with Nipsey… well.. his flow/delivery kind of sounds like Kush & OJ-era Wiz Khalifa, and he effortlessly blends an optimistic outlook with typical thugging, slick shit the Fresh Coast is famous for. It also helps that he does so without seeming contrived or corny. The album relies heavily on synth-driven beats instead of the expected bouncy West Coast cuts, but it’s a pleasure to listen to. Unfortunately, this project slipped through MJF’s usually reliable hands, so spend some time with this whole project. I’ve selected three songs I found myself playing more than the others. I can hear “I Need That” on the radio easily. On “The Mansion” Nipsey drops a handful of gems like “Yeah you got a butt, but your soul is whack/Yeah, you a coke bottle frame, but the soda’s flat.” The Outro is the one I’ve listened to around a dozen times. Just wonderfully delivered line after wonderfully delivered line. If you ain’t rocking with Nipsey yet then get familiar.


Corinne Bailey Rae – Seasons Change

Although most of the stuff I post to MJF are misogynistic songs about hoes, bitches & regular ass women with decent jobs who’ll smash the team if you rub them the right way, I actually don’t listen to dubstep 24 hours a day. One of my favorite non-dubstep artists to listen to is Ms. Corinne Bailey Rae. I thought her first album was nothing short of phenomenal—bangers all the way through.

Well while watching this almost-pornographic video of Vickie 6 on Tumblr, I was surprised to hear a familiar voice. Corinne’s “Seasons Change” was playing in the clip and it immediately distracted me from the young woman’s pierced nipples and chandelier belly-button ring. That’s how you know the song is good. I think “Seasons Change” is a dope record because it reminds me that things always get better. Just because you’re having a shitty day today doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same. Now I’m not the most positive person in the world and I’m definitely not Mr. Optimistic, but even I can buy into that.


Gonna sell out and post a rap song. This one came up on shuffle a few days ago and it took me back to 2001. Fun (Wiki) Fact: Natina is the cousin of Farrah Franklin, who was in Destiny’s Child. Wonder what happened to good ol’ Nati..


Spank Rock – Lindsay Lohan

‘Cum stains on your dress and you wear it so well.’ Why this song? Why not. Been listening to Spank Rock’s new album ‘Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A Fucking Liar’ a lot, but this is an older song of his. Lindsay Lohan might have still been sexy at the time. Of course now she’s baring it all for Playboy (like ten years too late & I already saw them titties in Machete anyways). I love the refrain of ‘put your panties on, put your pussy away (look like a baby rat)’. Great track from Spank.


DJ Screw/UGK – One Day (Chopped & Screwed)

If someone held a gun to my head and asked me what my favorite UGK song was, I’d probably say “One Day” after the shock of being involved in the world’s most awesome hostage situation this side of Kristy Swanson in The Chase finally subsided. I hadn’t heard DJ Screw’s mix until this week, and damn if it isn’t a good look. That mopey ass Isley sample gets even heavier slowed down, giving the song’s “Life is short and you can die any minute” vibe a hint of “So let’s get fucked up while we still can!” As if I needed a reason… RIP DJ Screw & Pimp C.