Review: Kreayshawn – “Somethin Bout Kreay”

September 24, 2012 4 comments


To me, a one-hit wonder can be easily identified in the music business. The best and worst factor of a one-hit wonder is that they release a song which is truly fantastic and a surefire hit but sums up their entire existence so well that there’s no way the artist would be able to top it. When The GS Boyz dropped “Stanky Legg” you knew there was no way they could ever make a song better than that. When Yung Chris dropped “Racks” you knew there wasn’t much more that YC could talk about that would be able to capture the listener’s attention. There’s a reason that Cupid went onto The Voice and sang his own song “Cupid Shuffle”. Ca$h Out will learn this as well, soon. Which brings me back to the biggest one-hit wonder of last year, Kreayshawn.

Kreayshawn, a resident of the Bay Area, seemingly burst onto the scene out of nowhere with her infectious and overnight sensation “Gucci Gucci”. The niece of Bruce Willis and USC film school dropout was able to score a touchdown on her opening drive against an unsuspecting defense. It had the perfect beat and two absolutely flawless verses. It led to her getting a million dollar record deal and transforming her and her White Girl Mob compatriots V-Nasty and Lil Debbie into representatives for a huge demographic: white female rap fans. From interviews to tour dates to beefs with a whole host of rappers, they were simultaneously loved and hated. Kreayshawn released a few other singles but none caught on the way “Gucci Gucci” did but inevitably there would be a time when she would have to drop a proper debut album. And that time is now.

The issue I have with Kreayshawn and this album is that over the course of the 13 tracks you never get the idea that Kreayshawn has a truly defined identity. This may work in her advantage but it’s irksome when trying to review a body of work such as this. The album begins with two Diplo tracks that basically sound like M.I.A. throwaway tracks. I wish Diplo and Maya would just reconcile so that these songs can be done justice. I won’t even comment on the forgettable verse from Chippy Nonstop. The third track is the aforementioned “Gucci Gucci”. The song was originally released June of 2011 so it’s inclusion on this album shows that Kreayshawn felt she was never able to recreate that kind of magic. The next track “Summertime” features a V-Nasty verse which would be dope if not for her nasally pitched voice. Her other White Girl Mob rhyme partner Lil Debbie is surprisingly absent from the album, with V-Nasty lending her vocals to “Left Ey3”. The tribute to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is pretty amateurishly done and has none of the flair of similar records such as Kelis’ “Caught Out There”.

The next song “Like It Or Love It” features Kid Cudi and is quite frankly one of the worst songs I have ever heard. The hook is quite generic and the verses are just plain horrible. If I was a Columbia executive and Kreayshawn played me “Like It Or Love It” I would call legal into the office and figure out a way to buy her out of her contract. The next song “K234ys0nixz” samples JJ Fad’s legendary song “Supersonic”. This is one of the few listenable tracks on the album due to the sample but I don’t understand why the song title wasn’t a real word. I am a 25-year-old black male and instances such as these make me wonder just how far out of Kreayshawn’s target demographic I am. This is only confirmed with the next song “BFF (Bestfriend)” which sounds like an Avril Lavigne jam from the early 2000’s. “BFF” could be a good summer single if pushed properly as it has a feel good sound to it, which makes it even more puzzling that the label didn’t release it before.

The album closes out with a few more M.I.A. style tracks, a nod to Slick Rick (“The Ruler”), a forgettable 2 Chainz verse (“Breakfast”) and an 80’s style Cyndi Lauper jam (“Luv Haus”). And I think that sums up the album perfectly. “Somethin Bout Kreay” truly feels like 13 random tracks, the best 13 tracks Kreayshawn has been able to make in the past 12 months since she’s been signed. If this is the best that she has to offer then I can’t foresee Kreayshawn having a long career in the rap game. However, her forays into Avril Lavigne territory were surprisingly more listenable. Perhaps that’s where her future lies. Regardless, someone has some explaining to do.