Review: Jeremih – “Late Nights With Jeremih”

August 14, 2012 3 comments


In 2012 the entire music industry can be described using the word “perseverance”. I could describe everyone on top of the music industry today using the same story. I feel like all of them had previous failed deals, album flops of spectacular fashion, or just were plain overlooked. Whether talking about Katy Perry, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa or others, these artists have had to continue pushing despite repeatedly being told “No” to get to a point where they could prove all of their doubters wrong. The latest artist to follow this slow and steady path to success is Jeremih.

Jeremih bubbled to the surface by using his connections via his cousin Willie of Day26 to release his debut single “Birthday Sex”. The song was a surprise hit and led to him releasing his self-titled debut album. The album was lacking in my opinion, and he took a few steps forward with his next release “All About You”. The album spawned another marginal hit with the Ludacris-assisted “I Like”. But again, he was teetering on the ledge between full-fledged R&B star and one-hit wonder. Things changed last year when he lent his vocals to the Wale breakout hit “That Way”. The song was the hit single off the Maybach Music “Self Made Volume 1” album and also included on Wale’s solo effort “Ambition”. That increased anticipation for Jeremih’s next project, and he did not disappoint with his latest effort.

“Late Nights With Jeremih” takes Jeremih’s current run of features and hooks and attempts to position him as the key player in the solo male R&B market. He’s being mentored by R. Kelly and it shows throughout the majority of this project. The mixtape sounds like a R. Kelly album, but that is a positive thing, as he is finally able to produce a body of work as opposed to hit-or-miss singles. The tape starts off with “Rosa Acosta”, which any artist would be happy to have as an intro single. Then Jeremih continues through the rap feature portion of the mixtape. The songs are hit or miss and probably will just depend on whether you like the featured artist. After the song with Sir Michael Rocks – who has a horrible rap name by the way – we get into the meat of the tape.

Jeremih is one of the few artists who is able to make “baby makin’ music” without it sounding raunchy, which is not a simple task. People rave over The Weeknd’s projects but there is a void currently for R&B fans who don’t partake in all of the overt drug use from the OVOXO crew. Starting with “Go To The Mo”, the bubbling hit “773 Love”, and culminating with “Rated R” Jeremih creates soundscapes that lend to late night rendezvous as well as those other times when hanging out with your significant other. The tape might be named “Late Nights” but these tunes work well during the day as well. This portion of the tape is incredible and lends to the high replay value of this mixtape. It also shows how grounded Jeremih is that he isn’t simply chasing after what’s hot in R&B today, and instead chose to make a project that sounds like a full-fledged crooner album.

The tape closes with a “Letter To The Fans” which is an appropriate ending, given the rollercoaster of a career Jeremih has had up to this point. Those who have decided to stick with Jeremih have been rewarded, as well as new fans. He’s following in the footsteps of his mentor R. Kelly and making grown folks music that is also radio friendly. This formula should benefit him in the future, and I’m sure this is just the second beginning of his career.