Video: MS MR – “Hurricane” “Dark Doo Wop” & “Salty Sweet” (Myspace Presents Live At The Log Cabin)

May 10, 2013 1 comment


MS MR is a hugely rising and well-documented favorite artist of mine for their dark and spooky glitch pop. Their music is dark and moody and transcendent into the dark part of all of us. when I met member Lizzy Plapinger – she was the embodiment of everything MS MR’s music is not – sunny, bubbly and warm. She is one of those people whose kindness is so sincere it’s infectious.

As Lizzy puts it, “I think people have been surprised to meet us at shows… we are sunny and the music is moody. It’s easier for us to go to that place with people and much harder to be honest with whatever you’re feeling or going through so I think the music was that outlet for two of us.” Member Max Hershenow adds “For both of us, I think it’s a chance for us to be a little over-dramatic and tap into that side of our personalities.”

Max and Lizzy’s musical chemistry is undeniable and the result is MS MR’s spooky pop that oozes emotional twists tied in honeyed hooks to create pop confections. They stopped by Myspace’s Log Cabin to perform a live performance of songs off their upcoming debut album Secondhand Rapture. Watch below live performances of “Hurricane,” “Dark Doo Wop” and “Salty Sweet.”

Secondhand Rapture is out May 14th via Columbia Records.