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Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls – Outlook is finally around the corner. And if you, my global friends are unable to board a flight to Pula, Croatia next week, worry not, as I will be your trusty eyes, ears, brains and bits. Live vicariously through me, I promise we’ll all have a good time. Anyway, to whet your appetite for what is about to kick off out there, I thought I’d give you a little run through of who’s the best of the Outlook line up, and if you’re a lucky little lemon and got yourself a ticket? Well here’s my humble opinon of who you shouldn’t miss. And if you can’t make it? Well, I truly hope you enjoy the music…



okay, yes so Mos Def is headlining and I know it’s a bit of a cop out naming him as my number one, but COME THE HECK ON it’s the mighty Mos! An absolute stalwart of Hip Hop his addition to the croatian festival is unrivalled, and no doubt he will completely enthrall the entire audience. Now Mos Def has a enough material to fill an entire shipping container, and has featured on more records than Amanda Bynes has sent tweets, but here’s my favourite tune to do with him – a little know classic from the High n Mighty, total tune…


Now then, LTJ is freakin’ legend. First started kickin’ about in the early 90s, the Londoner is an absolute professional when it comes to blasting out those drum and bass sunshine vibes. His label Good Looking constantly puts out mixtapes of the highest calibre and regulary produces music perfect for the highest point in an evening or the latest of late night vibes, a true legend. Check out some 90s vibes below..


Bodika knows how to go hard. Creating an unrelenting blend of hard tech-house, the british DJ consistently creates electric live sets that truly are a masterclass in how to be a DJ hardman. Having recently watched the man at Parklife fest, I know what to expect, and it looks pretty damn good…


Sometimes, it’s not hard holding your own with the boys, and sometimes you’re in your own league. Welcome Andreya Triana. A british songstress who is more likely to be seen and heard supporting the likes of everyone from Bonobo to Flying Lotus, the lovely lass has her own set at Outlook this year and is defintely not one to be missing. Her soulful voice and steal-able style make her the girl you want to be or be with. Damn gurrrrl.



Well what can I say. He’s one of the most socially and politically relevant rappers around, and although his fashion choices may sometimes fall flat, when it comes to music, he’s the one. Not to be missed…


Well readers I hope you’ve done your homework, I mean c’mon you guys should be Portico Pros now! OKay so I’m biased a bit, I’ve interviewed the lads a couple of times and the four piece London oufit not only make wonderful music but also and real nice guys. And their live sets are incredibly good (see below)


How could I not direct you towards these guys! Again just showing how prestigious this year Outlook line up is and the sheer greatness of hip hop within it…Now then, where’s ma soul flower…..


The floppy haired, slightly flabby, pretty uncool looking guy is actually really really really freaking good. If you’re looking for those big epic vibes, Koreless is your guy. Now having released material with Sampha under the Shortcircles moniker, Koreless is set to have a huge time at Outlook and you really should be in attendance…


Mala, straight out of digital mistikz has really made something special with his Made In Cuba series. Combing those infective bossa nova rhythms and samaba beats with techno infusions, his live set will be something really special to hit Fort Punta Christo. Have a listen to the ghostly, haunting Cuba Electronic below…


Last but certainly not in anyway least, is this man – Capleton. Dancehall reggae dub legend, his vibes will be infiltrating the festival no matter hwere you go. Irie……

So there you have it, my picks of the best line up in town. If you’re coming to Outlook, I hope you like my suggestions! And if not, get downloading and give your MP3 player a little bit of Outlook loving….


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