News: MJF’s Bauce Sauce Recreates Wyclef-Gate

October 20, 2012 6 comments

In what can only be a sign that Jesus is real, MJF’s own Bauce Sauce took it upon himself to recreate Wyclef-Gate for third shift Twitter. For those in the dark, earlier this week, Fugees member Wyclef Jean celebrated his 43rd birthday. Rather than enjoy the day with cake or even an expensive gift like a normal person, everyone’s favorite embezzler former Haitian Presidential candidate decided to put himself on display in all his greasy glory.

Never one to let an opportunity pass where he can prove just how much he is for the people, Bauce Sauce has decided to recreate the photo from the comforts of his own living room.

See whether he did the photo justice below.

I know your first thought is probably “how can I get my hands on that thing in between his legs,” but unfortunately, Bauce Sauce is happily married until his wife sees this photo.

As a bonus, check out a side by side comparison and let us know which you prefer.