News: Drake Confirms New Aaliyah Album

August 9, 2012 1 comment

Ever since the surfacing of “Enough Said,” there had been a lot of whispers about the possibility of a new Aaliyah album. Well Drake has finally cleared up the confusion.

MuchMusic caught up with the rapper backstage at his OVO Fest where he confirmed his involvement with the project. Speaking about the upcoming album, he said, “People should be really excited, man. A lot of people thought it [“Enough Said”] was my single. It’s not my single. It’s all off of an Aaliyah project that me and ’40’ are commanding.” As far as what to expect from the album, Drake continued, “’40’ is doing some incredible music right now. To get 13, 14 new Aaliyah songs, I mean everyone should be excited.”

Drake also dropped some info that may silence his naysayers. Despite Aaliyah’s brother denouncing the release of a posthumous Aaliyah album, Drake offered a conflicting account. He revealed, “The people around her, everybody from her family to her old management and label, were just like if there’s anybody out that can do it right now, it’s me and ’40.’ And that was a honor. And we’re gonna pull in some classic people. Like anybody who used to work with Aaliyah that was essential in her career, we definitely hope to have them involved.” According to Drake, the as yet untitled project is due out some time this year.

Are you excited for a new Aaliyah album? Who should be included as a collaborator?