NERO at 1stBank Center, Broomfield CO (REVIEW)

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For the capstone to his massive Mothership tour, Skrillex enlisted the talents of Nero, Skream, and Benga to bolster the lineup for the Spooky Tings Halloween show at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO.

Nero is a (primarily) dubstep duo out of London consisting of Daniel Stevens and Joe Ray. Nero takes a totally different approach to dubstep music than their American counterparts. For those of you with hangups about dubstep music, check out Nero because the duo will definitely not conform to your normal perceptions of the genre. After smashing the UK charts with a number of singles in 2010 and 2011 and their debut album ‘Welcome Reality’, they have brought their talents stateside this fall, including their stop just outside Denver on Halloween weekend.

Nero was the first of the dubstep titans to take the stage, and what followed would have been considered an epic headliner’s performance on any other night. What made Nero’s performance truly exceptional was the fact that it was billed as a live performance, so presumably everything was being mixed as it was played. It is refreshing to see an electronic artist do this, especially after suspect acts by performers like Justice.

To add to the live performance, vocalist Alana Watson made a number of appearances, and her vocals integrated seamlessly with Nero’s mixing – a huge testament to their ability to tailor their tracks to the idiosyncrasies of a live vocal performance.

After an energetic warm up set by 12th Planet, Nero’s performance started out relatively slow, but quickly escalated to the crescendo of bass, vocals, and dirty-dancy-dub that the crowd ate up. The show progressed through all of Nero’s hits, including “Innocence”, “Electron”, and “Do You Wanna”. The highlight for me, and probably the crowd as a whole was “Promises” towards the end of the set, where Watson’s vocals came through incredibly powerful and were perfectly paired with a modified drop here and there.
While Nero’s stage setup, a simple tack of electronics surrounding their DJ booth, couldn’t compare to Skrillex’s massive LED display, the performance itself was on par with the best, and was only bolstered by the Halloween atmosphere.
Nero – Innocence

The video is kinda dope too.

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Contributing Author: Mike Shumate