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September 8, 2011 5 comments

ndeluv | #hoodmusic (GoodHighMusic) by 3qtr

I first met Nieko Deluv the night I interviewed The Jealous Guys. When I rolled up in the studio, Deluv was super hype to show me how he planked Denny’s earlier that day.

Flash forward a few months to the other night. I was kicking it at STOVEMAN’s crib and he and Nieko were playing me an early listen to #hoodmusic. Right on time!!!! You can tell that Deluv (who produced & recorded the entire project himself) draws from vast influences, yet has a wholly unique and completely original style. For people new to his music, I’d compare him to a hybrid of Ryan Leslie, The Dream & The Weeknd but advanced beyond that even.

My favorite songs on the album are the intro track “#hoodmusic,” “11:33,” and “Vanillasky,” but the whole thing rides. “Never Been” is a clever cover of Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice track executed so perfectly that it would make Amber Rose jump on a new dick.

“Will Robinson” is a homage to 1960’s television series “Lost In Space.” The catch phrase ‘Danger, Will Robinson!” (interpolated in the track) has been used in TV series as vastly different as “Boy Meets World,” “CSI,” “Gilmore Girls” & “The Simpsons.” Much like the various influences and experiences Deluv’s drawn upon for this album, there’s something here for everyone. Please enjoy & let me know what you think in the comments! #hoodmusic.

DOWNLOAD: ndeluv – #hoodmusic

*oh if you smoke, roll something up for this and you will not be mad